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Q2 2022 Founder's Update

Arizona Camelback Mountain

Good news: we have a product heavy update. But before we jump into the new releases and restocks, I'd like to share our recent team building experience. We hired an improv coach (Patrick from Comedy Sportz Portland) to guide us in a workshop. I had a vague idea of the listening and communication games we'd be playing, but didn't know how advanced we'd get in a two hour workshop. Thoughts of "am I or someone on the team going to say or do something embarrassing or regrettable" were running through my mind before we started. However, in our first activity, these fears quickly dissipated and even felt irrational. The game started easy but became hilariously impossible and resulted in everyone making mistakes. The core lesson: we're human, everyone makes mistakes, don't be so hard on yourself. We tend to believe that others notice and care about our mistakes far more than they actually do. If only we could treat ourselves as generously as we treat others when they make mistakes.

By the end of the workshop, my jaw hurt from smiling so much and it ended up being one of the most rewarding Wool&Prince experiences I've had in ten years. Perhaps it was the last two years of minimal group activities due to COVID or that we went into the event with mixed expectations, or what it actually was — just an incredible shared experience of growth, laughter, and team building.

Pique Polos (Early August)

We're really excited about this new fabrication. Look at that texture! The pique knit structure is known for its lofty “honeycomb” look, which improves wicking, dry time, and overall breathability. We're using the same 78% wool, 22% nylon yarn that we do in our best-selling tees, so you know these polos will stand the test of time.

Merino Pique Polo Texture

Button-Downs (Early August)

We're finally getting back in stock with three best sellers (first row below)! And more woven button-downs will arrive by November (2nd, 3rd, 4th rows below).

Merino Wool Oxford Shirts

Merino Wool Twill Shirts

Merino Wool Patterned Shirts

Merino Wool 210 Shirts

Stretch Canvas Pants and Shorts (Early August)

We've reevaluated our pants and shorts offering from the ground up, and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. As with all items at Wool&Prince, we start with fabric. For these styles, we blended merino wool with Elasterell-p Lycra ® T400 ®, which is a polyester fiber with superior durability and shape retention over traditional spandex. 285gsm, 55% Merino Wool, 41% Elasterell-p, 4% Spandex. Shorts come in two lengths: 7.25” and 9.25” inseam.

Merino Canvas Pants

Merino Canvas Shorts

Long Sleeve Henley Restock (Available now)

Redwood, washed navy, and black are fully restocked.

Merino Wool Henley Restock

Denim Shirt Restock (End of July)

You guys loved our denim shirt so we didn't change a thing. Same fabric and fit.

Merino Wool Denim Shirt

Denim Jeans Restock (End of September)

You guys had some feedback on the fit, so our jeans are getting an improved fit around the crotch and hips. If you love the current fit, snag some extra pairs because we won't be making them again in that fit.

Merino Wool Denim Shirt

Grant High School Entrepreneurship Club

I had the pleasure of sharing my entrepreneurial journey with Grant High School's Entrepreneurship club.

Grant High School Entrepreneurship Club

Family Trip to the Oregon Tulip Festival

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