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Care Instructions


When necessary, we recommend taking your shirt to the dry cleaners for a crisp look. You can also machine wash your shirt using normal cycle on cold with regular laundry detergent. Lay flat or line dry. Don't use drying machine.


Gentle cycle on cold with regular laundry detergent. Lay flat or line dry. Don't use drying machine.


Hand wash cold. Lay flat or line dry. Don't use drying machine.

Size Guide


Measure around the middle of your neck, leaving the tape loose.


Measure around your natural waist, keeping the tape a bit loose.


Measure under your arms around the fullest part of your chest

Arm length

Measure from the back of your neck across the top of your shoulder to your elbow, and down to your wrist

Size Extra SmallXS
Neck 13.5-14"
Chest 32-34"
Waist 26-28"
Arm Length 31-32"
Size SmallS
Neck 14-14.5"
Chest 35-37"
Waist 29-31"
Arm Length 32-33"
Size MediumM
Neck 15-15.5"
Chest 38-40"
Waist 32-34"
Arm Length 33-34"
Size LargeL
Neck 16-16.5"
Chest 41-43"
Waist 35-37"
Arm Length 34-35"
Size Extra LargeXL
Neck 17-17.5"
Chest 44-46"
Waist 38-40"
Arm Length 35-36"

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130 Haifischkragen

Mit diesem Hemd sind wir berühmt geworden—in über 150 Publikationen weltweit wurde darüber berichtet. Unser Signature-Stoff hat eine 130 Grammatur, leicht genug, um das ganze Jahr getragen zu werden.

Mit diesem Hemd sind wir berühmt geworden—in über 150 Publikationen weltweit wurde darüber berichtet. Unser Signature-Stoff hat eine 130 Grammatur, leicht genug, um das ganze Jahr getragen zu werden.

The shirt that started it all, with a spread collar.

We were tired of the dry cleaners, so we decided to make a better button-down (yes, we know you're looking at a spread collar). Relying on the natural benefits of merino wool, we designed these shirts designed to be worn more and washed less. Our founder wore his for 100 days straight, just to prove the performance of merino (side note, you can earn a free shirt doing the same).

Replace your entire closet of shirts with just a couple of ours. They're better for you, your wallet, and the environment. They're just better.

Read the shirt guide and learn about our different fabrics.


130gsm Merino
100% Merino Wool
All Oxfords 17.5 Micron
All Patterns 18.5 Micron

210gsm Merino
100% Merino Wool
17.5 Micron

170gsm Cotton Blend
52% Merino Wool
48% Supima® Cotton
18.5 Micron

Machine wash cold with like colors,
line dry or tumble dry low.
Low iron if needed.

Made in Shanghai.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Height: 188
Weight: 110
Fit Purchased: Regular
Size Purchased: XL
A bit on the short side

I really like this shirt. However ...
It has the same issue I have encounteres many times: it is simply too short. Its torso is so short that when I button it up, the lowest hanging button is barely covering the waistband of my trousers. If I tug the shirt in my trousers it will be coming out of them through casual everyday movement. After about half an hour in the office, just ... Working, the shirt will have left my trousers completely, leading to me basically re-tugging the shirt constantly. I have this issue constantly, maybe it is a tall man's problem, I dont know. I wosh there was an option to get this shirt in a longer variation, as Hawes and Curtis offers for example. Especially for a shirt of that quality and with that price tag I would say this would be a great option. (A tall option was not available when I ordered the shirt. There is a button right now to chose it as part of the review, but there was none when I ordered)
Finally, the customer support was great!
All in all I was very happy and pleased with my order in its entirety.

Ryan O.
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 175lbs
Fit Purchased: Regular
Size Purchased: M
Prince, but not yet King

I have supported the company for over 4 years, and continue to advocate on their behalf, and for merino wool clothing more broadly, from sunny Brighton & Hove in England. I own about a dozen of their shirts, a mix of dress shirts, the discontinued twill utility shirts, and now some button-downs, in addition to the fantastic, market-leading boxers and socks.

I'm a subtly overweight, thin-framed man, and sized-up to a medium/regular (from previous small/regular purchases) so that the sleeves are the correct length even with a fully extended arm, and for a more forgiving casual fit over an optional base layer, at the expense of a slightly looser-than-needed collar (not so much an issue with button-downs worn open sans tie).

I have no complaints with regards to processing/delivery, customer service, product description etc., and the quality control has always been good, save for the occasional biteable runaway excess of button thread.

As a van-dwelling professional, I will never go back to cotton directly under my armpits, "downstairs", or around my toes (save for formal occasions which may prescribe it). However, we need to move beyond merino wool shirts PRETENDING to be cotton shirts in their colourway, namely using any off-white, simply in response to these being well established in the prevailing cotton shirt market. It's for good reason with cotton, and (with blues especially) for aesthetic congruence with many skin/hair/eye palettes; but wool is not cotton, and does not age in the same way.

Wool beiges/yellows over time due to exposure to sunlight, and as such in a variegated manner, depending on jacket/tie wearing, rolled up sleeves, under the placket and collar etc.. One can protect wool from moths, store/dry away from sunlight, protect from mould etc., but if the shirt is to be worn in daylight hours, then it will "turn" over time, and the affectation of it being a cotton shirt (with hidden benefits) is lost to it looking like a dirty shirt. This "turning" from off-white is inevitable, but can (and must) be factored in at the design stage.

Due to the "turning", I have hand-dyed a few of my older W&P dress shirts with dark brown dye to achieve a beige overdye effect with the retained blue checks/stripes, but due to the sun-inflicted variegation (pre-dying) these are no longer presentable beyond casual wear, even though the wool has plenty of life left in it (for example, abrasion-wise at the armpits). The synthetic white stitching remains, unfortunately and incongruently, even if one were to swap out the functional-but-meh white plastic buttons. Beige/grey/dark synthetic stitching (depending on the colourway) could help mitigate against this, and extend the unfurling life of the wool product (or linen/cotton thread, cost-dependent, but this would dye differently to the wool anyway).

The semi-spread collar is too stingy to work well with a suit/sports jacket and tie, at least for those with a discerning eye. Button-downs are less of a thing in England outside of casual-wear, and whilst one can appreciate the cost implications of additional material, if a shirt is to be "dress" (or in England, a normal shirt to be wearable with a tie and jacket), then "make it so" as Picard would say, or another company will step into the gap.

White cotton is practical (as cotton goes) because it can be bleach-washed, and sun-dried; merino wool of any colour cannot, for all it's other advantages. Beige-based, and/or darker colours more generally, are the way forward for a long-life product, both due to the "turning" factor, and to help mask the visually apparent build up of grime which the material can otherwise handle between (and after) infrequent hand-washing. It's notable for example that the founder's 100 day challenges have been with dark-brown (never available for retail) and darkish-red shirts, respectively.

Merino wool shirting has yet to come into its own from a functional aesthetic perspective. There is a space in-between Pendleton-esque hardcore overshirts/shackets, affectations of button-down cotton shirts (with benefits, but also under-recognised disadvantages/challenges), and perhaps Smedley-esque long-sleeved polo shirts. The advantage of a proper spread-collared shirt is that it can be worn with or without: a tie; additional knitwear (under or over); a tailored jacket/waistcoat; sleeves rolled up. The button up design is also more forgiving in terms of airflow/temperature regulation. A button-down design on a collar that is too stingy to ever flap about in the wind, and with nothing-to-shout-about plastic buttons permanently on display, is a suboptimal design, regardless of what Brooks Brothers would have Americans believe.

Wool & Prince is a wonderful, rightly respected brand, that has put in a lot of the ground-work for everyday merino clothing, but these blind spots may catch up with them as their following transition from being new customers to experienced return custom...

Camillo S.
Height: 175
Weight: 75
Fit Purchased: Slim
Size Purchased: M
Excellent office shirt

I worried a bit that the white stripes would be off-white, but they really look excellent. You really cannot tell that this is a merino shirt just by looking at it, but it has the same luxuriously warm yet soft touch that I have come to expect from Wool & Prince dress shirts. The size runs a slight bit on the "baggy" size, even in slim fit, presumably because that's how US shirts are fitted, but still fits me pretty well. Sizing down wasn't really an option because the collar fit is just right, and the sleeve length, too.

I would really love to have some other color alternatives than blues.

Benjamin C.
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 70 kg
Fit Purchased: Slim
Size Purchased: S
My first Merino shirt

The most expensive shirt I've bought, but worth every penny. Really love this shirt and a new, massive fan of Wool & Prince.

Robert S.
My first week long shirt!

Received my one shirt and have used it 5 days in a row, without almost any wrinkle. Just had to wash it after that, not because it was dirty or smelly, just psychological issues. It is slighty itchy though, I am sensitive to wool, but mostly when just putting it on, after some minutes I forget this.
Biggest issue for us in Sweden is that it comes delivered by DHL service to a big Company pickup Warehouse site outside central cities, instead of a convenient local tobacco shop, which is normal in Sweden. Guess that DHL sold the wrong delivery package to these guys?

Hi Robert, terrific to hear that you're getting a lot of wear out of your shirt. We love hearing that. That's interesting to note about how you received your package, thanks for letting us know.