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Ian Pratt

Ian is a space creator and community builder in Portland, Oregon. He recently started a modern social club called The Weller Society, one part co-working space, one part event society, one part hotel lobby, one part incubator.

Photography by Candace Molatore @hey.candace

Hey Ian. Give us the intro.

I want to live a good life. I want my story to be about reflecting light into darkness, creating beauty, and loving people well. I’m married to a brilliant goddess called Hannah. She’s the best person I know. Together, we create spaces, experiences, and stories.

Tell us about the your modern social club, The Weller Society?

We're a community of makers, leaders, workers, thinkers, and doers interested in using our time on this earth, our passion, our talent, our energy to create good things in our communities and improve the spheres we have influence in, large or small. We’re branded as a social club. One part co-working space. One part event society. One part hotel lobby. One part incubator. Weller provides spaces, services, resources, connections, and experiences for some of Portland’s finest people. We have created a community that supports its members and enriches their personal and professional lives.

What's next for Weller?

We’re currently working on founding Weller Creative, a quasi-agency to represent the talent in The Weller Society and provide easier means to wider impact and larger paychecks for our Members. We’re also in the beginning stages of developing a mentorship program within our community and finding ways to deepen the impact of our work. On a more low key note, we’re developing a great cocktail program, concert series, artist collective, and maybe even some monthly trivia or karaoke nights.

Any tips for people looking to do something similar in other parts of the country?

If you have a passion to serve people and create things that open doors for others, go for it. It’s a lot of work and not as glamorous as it might seem. I often introduce myself as the Head Janitor of The Weller Society; there’s a lot of unsexy work, a lot of helping people reach success while struggling to find it for yourself, a lot of late nights and bleary eyes. But—you get to connect people, build relationships, throw a lot of parties, coach, listen, talk, develop, council, dream, mourn, celebrate… it’s not a bad way to spend your time as a human.To be more practical, figure out what you can manage now and do that, then add to it. Don’t try to do too much at once, you’ll under-perform and burnout. Don’t get caught up in the chaos so much that you can’t be strategic. You have to be strategic. Always.

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Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by the people around me who decide every day to show up, regardless of what obstacles they’re facing. I’m inspired by my wife who puts up with my constantly-churning-on-work brain. I’ve learned a lot from my friend Mike who runs a global justice fund based in Portland called Hear The Cry. He’s a constant source of wisdom and perspective for me. I’m currently being rocked by Jack Pearson from This Is Usthat’s the kind of man I want to be.

Favorite books and favorite films?

A Separate Peace. How to Win Friends and Influence People. David Copperfield. The Alchemist. If you only read 4 books in your life, let it be these. My favorite movies are the ones that explore the mess of human existence and offer hope, create order, deliver redemption. About Time. Good Will Hunting. Silverlingings Playbook. Royal Tenenbaums.

We know you’re into productivity hacks. Can you share some of your favorites?

Some of the most basic things are the most effective. Write down everything you need to do. Prioritize. Roll up your sleeves and get to work. It can be that simple. Do battle against distractions, they’re everywhere.One of the most important things, again, is to not be so focused on the minutiae that you lose sight of being strategic. If you’re not being strategic, you’re not being efficient, doesn’t matter how much you feel like you’re getting done.

What about travel hacks?

I have a go bag. It’s stays packed with everything I need to do a weekend away. My life is stupidly full right now, so the less I need to execute in a reactive state, the better. I grab my bag and I’m off. When I get back from my trip, I do the laundry, load it back up, and it’s ready for the next trip. Here are some tips for the average traveler: Precheck. Go buy the pass. It’s easy and infinitely worth the work it takes. Better yet, get Global Entryit includes Precheck. Get good luggage, really good luggage. Wear slip-ons. Wear or carry a jacket and load up all your pockets before security. Have a grab bag with all your seat-side essentials so you don’t have to fish around in your bag during boarding.Dress up. Bring an eye mask and headphones, play some brown noisesensory deprivation is key for horrible travel situations. Keep a good attitude, everything sucks when you’re cranky. When you have a mindset primed for adventure and humor, when you’re curious and grateful, everything is beautiful.

Ways that you relax and recharge?

Coffee every morning while catching up on the news or playing with my pup. Walks in the evening when my head is spinning and everything feels awful. Drinks. Great drinks. More than anything, nature restores me. Nothing can compete with trees, dirt, sky, and water to reset the human soul.

What did you think of the wool & prince heavy crew you wore?

This thing is my favorite piece right now. I wore it today. I wear it with jeans or chinos on a day off when I’m giving my dog a haircut, I dress it up with slacks at a dinner party, my wife steals it when she’s sick in bed. It’s the most versatile thing in my closet. And the most comfortable.

Ian is 6' 7", 205 lbs, and wears a size large Tall button-down and size large heavy crew neck. You can learn more about Ian and Weller Society at


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