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Jamie Potter

Jamie lives in New York City and works as an advisor in natural resource and financial markets. Outside of work, he volunteers for a humanitarian non-profit serving the people and resources of the Himalayas. 

Photography by Adam Lerner @adamlerner

Tell us about yourself.

I grew up on the East Coast and for the most part have lived in New York City since finishing college. I've been fortunate to travel for work and spent a year in Granada, Spain and worked for a bank in Santiago, Chile. I’m not so much a city person, but New York is a hard place to leave. I work with a mining partner in central Mexico focusing on land reclamation of artisanal mines. He owns and operates the mines, I advise on development and exploration practices.

How did you get started on this career path?

Long ago I was an undergraduate geology major, then after stints in a fresh produce business, digital agency, video game company, education technology, and venture capital, I found my way back to natural resources. Working with a former fisherman in artisanal mining and mine reclamation in Mexico, we operate a few mines while exploring additional concessions. Having worked in virtual, academic, media, and finance spaces, I enjoy working with a tangible product.

Tell us more about the education technology company you co-founded?

We were chosen to help create a co-ed boarding school in Jordan to serve students from all walks of life. We had many exciting travel experiences, meeting kids from all over Jordan and even meeting royalty. Jordan has an incredible climate, gorgeous landscape, and rich history.

You have a knack for world travel! What are some projects you have in the works currently?

I’m working on establishing a mining fund for communities located in some of the concessions we work. These are places with a lot of history and culture, which we are hoping to preserve while providing some stimulus to the area.

Giving back is something you really embrace. Tell us about what all you do?

I’ve been a pediatric volunteer at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center one night a week for 18 years. There have been breaks in my service, but it's great to spend time with some incredible kids/people.I also manage development for Live to Love International, an international nonprofit founded in the Himalayas focused on disaster relief, female empowerment, and environmental preservation. We work primarily along the Silk Route including Ladakh (northern India), and throughout Nepal. This part of the world supplies water to about a third of the world’s population and is under numerous threats.

Any advice for young people looking to start a company or stay on a creative path?

It’s hard to hear myself say this but “believe in yourself”. For a long time I looked up to and tried to emulate/replicate people and things I admired, often while overlooking moments of inspiration or vision of my own. I’m still trying to improve that vision, but have found it’s much more rewarding when it’s your own.

As much of your career has been outside the standard corporate world with built-in training and mentor programs, how'd you find your mentors and who are they?

I have a close friendship with my Dad. He’s lived several lives and drove an ambulance in World War II. He’s an eternal optimist, he's disciplined, and he has a great sense of humor. He can expand your perspective across oceans or make you feel like the only two people on earth. Mom you too : ) Lastly, but not least, my girlfriend is a tremendous mentor in both humanitarian and professional spheres. She has an iron clad will and a heart of gold.

Where else do you find inspiration?

The patients at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center–they throw compassion, honesty, strength, and sense of humor in the face of adversity. Also, with Live to Love International, I get to work with the Kung Fu Nuns, many of whom have fled violence and discrimination in their native communities, and who channel their talents and energies into humanitarian causes and are an inspiration to women (and everyone) at home and around the world. They were first responders for the massive 7.8 earthquake in Nepal, focusing on more remote, underserved communities severely affected by the event.

What are some of your favorite places in New York State or City

I will always have a soft spot for south Williamsburg, since that’s where I first moved to NYC long ago. I lived around the corner from Diner when it opened and it's still one of my favorite spots. Popping out to Robert Moses State Park on Long Island to camp on the beach and catch an early morning surf is special. It’s a little over an hour from Manhattan but you feel a world away, and it can hold a solid swell. I’ve also recently been introduced to the Thousand Islands, a world unto themselves and another magical place.

Favorite books and movies?

Books: “The Count of Monte Cristo”, “The Savage Detectives”, and “Prisoners of Geography”
Movies:“Lawrence of Arabia” and “Elvira Madigan”

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Surfing, motorcycles, squash, ceramics, my ‘96 Toyota Landcruiser, any form of travel.

What are the ways you relax and re-charge?

For me time spent with a dog is the fastest, most surefire route to relaxation and recharging. I share custody of a Corgi named Bandit with my parents. He can unwind anything out of me. Otherwise yoga, exercise, cooking, and a good read.

What did you think of the Wool & Prince shirt you wore?

Extraordinarily comfortable, fit like a glove, never seemed to wrinkle, received a lot of compliments. Despite being incredibly soft, the shirts have a slightly denser, stronger feel, which I appreciate since I toss them in the duffel while traveling. I just spent 7 days working on a project in Kathmandu in all types of weather, with an Indian wedding thrown in, and found myself wearing the striped Wool&Prince shirt repeatedly despite having other options in my bag.

Jamie is 6' 2", 185 lbs, and wears a size M tee, size M polo, and size M regular fit button-down / dress shirt.

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