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Everyday Merino

A guide to our shirts.

If you’re new to Wool&Prince, welcome. We’ve created an overview of our woven shirts to help you easily find the one best suited for you.

A better button-down starts with merino wool.
In short, we create clothing you can wear more, and wash less. Way less. Our founder even wore his merino shirt 100 days in a row. For all the details as to why you’re better off wearing merino, read this.

Fabric Trade-offs

We make a variety of shirting fabrics and they all excel in their own way. You may find that your favorite fabric dependents on the occasion or time of year.

The weight of our fabrics is measured in grams per square meter (gsm). The higher the number, the heavier the fabric. Generally, heavier fabrics are going to be warmer, more durable, more wrinkle resistant, and have a cleaner drape (how the shirt hangs and moves with your body). 


100% Merino Shirts
130gsm: Our most popular shirting fabric and most similar in weight to dress shirts you’re accustomed to. Also the fabric that will keep you coolest.

170gsm: Twill weave gives a subtle, diagonal texture. Loftier fabrication provides a cozier feel. Less crisp and more of a matte look than the 210 or 130.

210gsm: Looks like and has the texture of your classic oxford shirt. This is the shirt Mac wore for his 100 Day Challenge.

225gsm Herringbone: The raw denim of our shirting. Hardwearing with a break-in period. Lots of texture.

Linen: 140gsm, 76% wool / 24% linen. Slubby linen texture which creates an airy, light feel. Excels in the spring and summer.

Cotton: 170gsm, 52% wool / 48% cotton. To achieve the whitest wool shirt possible, we developed a blend of merino wool and Supima cotton, creating an extra soft, ivory shirt.


The best way to find your fit is to check the size guide found on each product page. We also encourage ordering multiple sizes/fits and returning what doesn’t work.

Slim: Our modern, tapered fit. Also, our most popular fit.

Regular: A more traditional fit with extra room in the chest, arms, and waist. Compared to the slim fit, the regular fit is 1" larger in the chest and armhole and 2" larger in the waist.

Tall: Same as Regular fit, with 1.5” longer sleeves, and 2” longer body. If you’re over 6’2” or just like longer shirts, consider a Tall fit. 

Find your shirt

We provide this information on each product page, so there’s no pressure to try and remember it all. But this should give you an overview of what differentiates each shirt. We can’t wait for you to join the ranks of guys who have changed how they shop and dress because of the power of merino wool.

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Not convinced merino wool makes a better button-down?
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