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We ship around the world from the United States via USPS and DHL.

For European customers, we offer our best selling shirts shipped directly from the Netherlands. (No shipping delays, unexpected duties, or customs clearance charges.)

Free Shipping and VAT paid for EU & UK customers. Free Shipping and VAT paid for EU & UK customers. Check out our new arrivals.

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Supply Chain

Our Wool

We source wool from farms that follow recognized standards relating to animal welfare and eco-friendly land management practices. Through two certifications, the Responsible Wool Standard and International Wool Textile Organization, we’re able to trace each wool purchase to a specific farm.

Our wool is certified non-mulesed (an old ranching practice to prevent an infection called flystrike).

Photos by Baderloo Merino

Factory Partners

Our partners—like us—are committed to making better, longer-lasting apparel. We’ve built trusting relationships and have been working with our China-based wovens partner and Korea-based knit partner since 2013 and 2014 respectively.

Woven Mill
-Location: Changzhou (2 hours outside of Shanghai)
-Number of employees: 1000
-Campus: 9 acres

Woven Cut & Sew Factory
-Location: Jiading district of Shanghai
-Number of employees: 800
-Campus: 8 acres

Spinning and Knitting Mill
-Location: Eumseong-gun, Korea
-Number of employees: 80 spinning, 20 knitting

Knit Cut & Sew Factory
-Location: Jeonju, Korea
-Number of employees: 40

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