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Care Instructions


When necessary, we recommend taking your shirt to the dry cleaners for a crisp look. You can also machine wash your shirt using normal cycle on cold with regular laundry detergent. Lay flat or line dry. Don't use drying machine.


Gentle cycle on cold with regular laundry detergent. Lay flat or line dry. Don't use drying machine.


Hand wash cold. Lay flat or line dry. Don't use drying machine.

Size Guide


Measure around the middle of your neck, leaving the tape loose.


Measure around your natural waist, keeping the tape a bit loose.


Measure under your arms around the fullest part of your chest

Arm length

Measure from the back of your neck across the top of your shoulder to your elbow, and down to your wrist

Size Extra SmallXS
Neck 13.5-14"
Chest 32-34"
Waist 26-28"
Arm Length 31-32"
Size SmallS
Neck 14-14.5"
Chest 35-37"
Waist 29-31"
Arm Length 32-33"
Size MediumM
Neck 15-15.5"
Chest 38-40"
Waist 32-34"
Arm Length 33-34"
Size LargeL
Neck 16-16.5"
Chest 41-43"
Waist 35-37"
Arm Length 34-35"
Size Extra LargeXL
Neck 17-17.5"
Chest 44-46"
Waist 38-40"
Arm Length 35-36"

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Waffle Henley

At 270gsm, this is a heavier knit, but don’t let that fool you into thinking this henley is only for the winter months. This garment can be worn comfortably in a wide range of temperatures thanks to the waffle structure coupled with the wonders of merino.

At 270gsm, this is a heavier knit, but don’t let that fool you into thinking this henley is only for the winter months. This garment can be worn comfortably in a wide range of temperatures thanks to the waffle structure coupled with the wonders of merino.

Those buttons are for more than just ventilation.

Everybody needs a little personal expression, and the buttons on your henley are the perfect place for that. How many buttons you secure just might say more about you than you think. However you roll, a buttoned-placket is a great way to add a little distinction to your lineup. And the henley stops just short of the polo, and keeps things casual and collar free.

Read the knit top guide and learn about our different fabrics.


78% Merino Wool
22% Nylon
17.5 Micron

78% Merino Wool
22% Nylon
17.5 Micron

Machine wash cold with like colors,
on gentle cycle. Line dry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Size Purchased: L
Great quality item but …..

I love the Henley in general. The colour is great (Forest Green) and the fit around the body is good. The sleeves however are too long and not as per the measurements on the website when buying. The delivery times are also unacceptably long in a world when most things can be sourced and delivered next day.

Height: 170 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Size Purchased: M
Nice Item but could be better

As others have mentioned, the long sleeves are bothersome. Not only are they long but the sleeve band at the end is loose. If anything, the band should be designed to be tighter, as we all know that it loosens over time, anyway. I can't imagine going down a size as that would be much too tight in the chest and too short on length. Odd sizing, as other mediums like the polo I bought here fit as a true medium. In general, the shirt fits amazing elsewhere and of course the material is superb. If W&P were to fix the sleeve issue I would buy the whole set.

Height: 5' 10" (180 cm)
Weight: 210 lbs (95 kg)
Size Purchased: XL
Waffle Wonderland or Henley Headache? Unwrapping the Mixed Emotions of Waffle Henley Shirts!"

Having recently purchased two Waffle Henley shirts (Oatmeal Heather colour and the other Forest Night colour), my experience has been a mixed bag. On the positive side, the shirt boasts excellent quality and comfort. The softness of the fabric did not disappoint.

However, a consistent gripe across reviews on this particular shirt is the issue with sleeve length, ranging from being excessively long to the point of feeling like pajamas and I can confirm those reviews.

I possess a physique that some might colloquially refer to as a "dad bod," and this shirt doesn't do much to enhance the appearance of my midsection. After the holidays, I will be motivated to lose some weight. It seems the fit can be a hit or miss, and potential buyers might want to pay attention to sizing recommendations.

On the service front, there's a concerning account of extremely poor service with a delivery mishap, which raises questions about the brand's logistical efficiency.

On a brighter note, others have expressed sheer satisfaction, with one customer praising the fantastic fit and design, I find the XL size to be precisely what I was looking for – versatile enough for both social wear and outdoor adventures. I can vouch for the Merino shirt's effectiveness as a base layer on colder days, praising its softness. In conclusion, this shirt seems to offer a high-quality fabric with varying success in fit, alongside some concerns about service reliability.

Prospective buyers may want to consider sizing carefully and, perhaps, reach out to customer service to ensure a smooth purchasing experience.

We appreciate you sharing your experience. We're glad to hear that the comfort and quality were highlights here but are sorry to hear that the sleeve fit and delivery weren't a success. We take that feedback seriously as we strive to continuously improve and hope you'll stick with us!

Height: 169
Weight: 75
Size Purchased: M
Good quality but excessively long sleeves, feels more like a pajama...

This is my first Merino Wool item I buy, I've worn this Henley for more than a week now and it's very comfortable, odor resistant and soft on the skin.

The fit is kind of baggy on the bottom while more tight to the top and especially on the chest, following every curve and shape of your body, so beware of that, for example it doesn't really fit me all that well because of that, I would have prefered a more stiff fabric but it's part of the wool properties to adapt and shape to its user.

The sleeves are the biggest problem in my opinion, they're just too long. so much that they reach the palm of my hand if not adjusted constantly, very bad if you're wearing watches on your wrist like I do.

Thank you for giving this shirt a try and we're so sorry to hear that the sleeve of the shirt aren't as they should be. We appreciate your feedback and hope you'll stick with us!

Height: 173cm
Weight: 70kg
Size Purchased: M, L

This parcel was despatched with an incomplete address. As a result it appears to have been deposited on the doorstep of a neighbour's house, and has now disappeared. THIS IS DESPITE THAT THE COURIER SHOULD TRY THREE DELIVERIES TO GET AN ACTUAL RESPONSE.
Why do Wool & Prince user the worst rated UK courier?
I would have paid extra for a reputable courier but the option was not available.

Now what do I do? I have been waiting over a week for this item from the Netherlands- it would have been faster to collect it by bicycle.

We are really sorry to hear that you were not able to receive your order properly, Anton! We'd love to make this right for you. Please email us at and our team will be happy to help.