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Q3 2021 Founder's Update

100 day challenge completions

Congratulations to the 250+ people who have completed the 100 day challenge since we launched the concept in 2020. Above are some photos from social media.

In a follow-up survey for the 100 day challenge finishers we ask, what is your biggest takeaway from the challenge? The responses generally fall into the four categories below:

More time and less decision fatigue

-"My biggest takeaway from the 100 Day Challenge is that there is freedom in a simple wardrobe. I rarely thought “I wish I could wear something else.” Instead, I felt like I could focus on things that matter more than my clothes." - Josh
"My biggest take away from the challenge is that there is simply no need for my wardrobe to generate angst or indecision, or to otherwise burden my life." -Christian

Spotlight effect

-"No one noticed I was wearing the same shirt everyday." - Jared
-"The spotlight effect is real! Nobody noticed, or they were too polite to say anything! I'm hooked on a minimal wardrobe. I write this on Day 101, and I'm still wearing the same shirt!" - Erik

Merino wool / Wool&Prince converts

-"This is the fabric I've been waiting for all my life! I can't believe that I've been wearing this shirt for going on 4 months (yes, I'm still wearing it every day) and there is ZERO pilling anywhere!" -John
-"Merino wool is boss." -Robert
-"Wool is an even better material than I thought." -Eamonn
-"This challenge is a Trojan Horse to turn unsuspecting customers into brand ambassadors. I, for one, am happy to have been converted and look forward to more Wool&Prince clothing in my future." -Zeben

Less is more

-"I realized that I don’t need the majority of items in my wardrobe." -Charles
-"The whole process has made me critically question what I can live without." -Christian
-"Now I'm consuming less, looking and feeling better, traveling lighter, and care less about things I don't want to care about." -Christian

Other fun 100 day challenge comments

-After 100 days of wearing the same shirt every single day, whenever I tell my two year old that I'm going to get dressed, she goes to my closet and pulls out that shirt. :)
-People would drive by my house and yell, asking if I was still wearing the shirt. Well, yeah, I have it on now! Seriously, people don't notice what you are wearing!


We are 100% committed to the best selection of merino clothing for guys, despite recent supply chain issues which have made that goal difficult to achieve. We’re exploring joint ventures with our knit vendor to help scale our manufacturing and to guarantee inventory.

Loungewear: Hoodies, Joggers, Shorts

We just received our hoodies, joggers, and shorts, a purchase order we planned to receive five months ago and one that I’ve championed in the previous two quarterly updates. 

Merino Wool Loungewear

Throw blanket

We've mentioned this before, but if you love our merino wool interlock material used in the heavy crew, joggers, and hoodie, our sister brand, wool&, used that material in a throw blanket. And you can now checkout with the throw blanket via Wool&Prince.

Merino wool throw blankets

By the end of the year
Restocks in crew neck tees in Black, Iron Gray, Natural White and a v-neck tee in iron gray.

crewneck, vneck, undershirt

LS henleys restock and new colors 

merino wool long sleeve henleys

New crewneck colors

Merino wool t-shirts
Underwear restocks

merino wool boxer briefs

Product arriving in January next year

SS heavy crews, LS heavy crews, LS waffle henleys.

Sample Sale

We had our first in-person sample sale since the start of the pandemic and it was a huge hit.


Team Hangouts

Dinner and drinks celebrating the sample sale success!

team hangout

Personal update

A wonderful summer and early fall filled with lots of weddings, outside time, and baby Ada.

wedding season


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